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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicka Chicka

OMG! Where does all the time go??? I have so much I want to add and share but don't have the time!  (Maybe that's just the beginning of the year in kindergarten for you... plus I coach middle school girls softball everyday after school and have one of those beginning of the year colds... again...)  Anyways, enough excuses.  I plan on updating this on a much more regular basis - which also means I can't spend as much time blog hopping :(   I don't know about you, but these blogs are ADDICTING!  BUT... they are definitely making me a MUCH better teacher, so THANK YOU to all of you out there!  If 1 idea I post on my site helps at least one person in some way, then it is worth the time!

OK, enough rambling for now...  We have spent the last week doing a big Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Unit.  One of my favorite parts of the unit was when we were exploring and opening a REAL coconut!  (After several discussions that coconuts don't grow in places that get cold in the winter, one of my little darlings asked if I found it on the street!  Ummm... we have very cold winters in Wisconsin, so remember, we don't have coconut trees here!)  Anyhow, their faces and excitement was priceless, but wouldn't ya know it - the battery in my camera died!  I must have left in on or something because I just charged it!  So, here is what I have to offer you instead.  About every week I send home a simple "Family Project" that the students are to complete and then bring to class the following week to share.  (Kind of like show and tell, but without the toys :) )  This week, they were to decorate a letter to place on the large "Chicka Tree" I have hanging in the classroom.  They all are so creative and they turned out great!  The kids keep waiting for the tree to tip over, just like it did in the book!  (I'm just waiting for the masking tape to give...)  If you want a copy of the letters, just below and they are all yours!  Enjoy!
Download the letters HERE

We make a "special snack" every week that relates to our theme.. of course we had to make "chicka trees"!  Look what a great job one of the kids did! It was WAY better then my example!

Each week we make one of these theme related "special snacks" which I have compiled into 2 cookbooks.  (Vol 2 is not quite done yet...)  Anyways, feel free to download the recipe card for this snack.  If you like what you see, feel free to purchase vol. 1!  Each recipe comes in 3 different levels.

Click HERE for the chicka recipe card!

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