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Sunday, March 3, 2013


So... my New Year's resolution was to do a better job at keeping up with my blog with what I thought my be a manageable goal of at LEAST once a month. Seeing that it is March, and I am finally making an entry, I need to try harder!

Anyways, I just wanted to share some FREE (to public schools) websites that I have come across.

ABC mouse is geared for kindergarten and under students (meaning I am going to have the kids use this in the BEGINNING of the year next year), but teachers can create a classroom account, set students at various levels, and the site will even e-mail parents progress reports!  I have had several parents rave about the site and my kids seem to really like it.

Adventure to Fitness is also FREE to teachers (make sure you register with your school email and address). On this site, you have access to several half hour long "fitness adventures".  Kids follow Mr. Mark hopping, running in place, stretching, climbing as they go on a dinosaur/snow/castle adventure.  There are lots of fun facts thrown in during the adventure and my kids LOVE it!  It is perfect for those inside recess days when they need to get up and move around!

Turtle Diary is not completely free, but has a LOT of free content on it.  It is geared for Prek-2nd grade, and has reading (English), math, science, and fun games on it.  There are also worksheets and activities that can be printed out.

AbcYa! has educational games for K-5th Grade.  Several of the games have sound.  LOTS of great learning opportunities to use on on individual computers or even on your Interactive White Board.  I use the interactive 100 grid on my board all the time!

Starfall.com has a TON of beginning reading/phonics skills for kids.  There is also a Math component/section that I didn't even realize existed until one of the kids showed me the other day!  TONS of stuff to do in your classroom as a center, group activity, etc!

Here's what you probably are used to seeing on Starfall Classic

Here's some of what is available on more.starfall.com  Some of more.starfall is free, but they also charge for full access... 

Well, that's all for now!  I am going to try soooo much harder to post at least once a month!

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