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Monday, July 9, 2012

Alphabet Jump around

So... I realized it has been a LOT longer than I would like between posts.  Summer has been flying by between summer school (yes, I teach that too!) trying to relax/escpae the heat (last week we had 3 days with a temp of 105!) and clean my house and catch up on everything I didn't have time to do during the school year.  But... being a teacher never stops.  Here is what my dining room table looked like last night:
The box in the far corner is stuff I need to bring to school that I had been working on, and I painted some alphabet letters onto those "non-slip kitchen liners" which are available at the dollar store.  What I am going to do with them?  Plenty!  I was inspired by Melissa's McMurry's "jump around" which is a similar concept but with numbers.
You just lay the letters all over the floor, and kids (1 at a time) can jump to each letter as they:
-Spell their first/last name
-find what letter a word starts/ends with
-spell sight words
-alphabet order
-spell word families
-etc, etc etc!
I plan on introducing it as a large group activity, and then having the kids use it during centers.

Keep cool!  I hope to post more soon!


  1. Love it! Do the mats come in that size or do you have to cut them down? How many come in a set? Was there a certain kind of paint that you used?

    1. Thanks! It comes in a roll. I needed two rolls to get through all the letters, as I could only get about 20 squares per roll, so I have some extra squares now. I just folded the liner in half, and then made squares. They are about 6 inches by 6 inches. I painted them with some white acrylic paint that I had at school. I would think regular paint would work though too.

  2. Love this activity! I saw a mention of it on Facebook by Teach Preschool and shared it with a post with one of my colleague Stuart's I See I Learn books: "Write On, Carlos!" - here's our FB page: http://www.facebook.com/StuartJMurphyAuthor I would have linked to your FB page, but couldn't find one... So waving a flag here on the blog! Cheers... Janet

    1. Your sweet! You couldn't find my Facebook page because I don't have one for either myself or my blog! For some reason I never got into the whole Facebook craze... people keep telling me I should get one though... maybe one day! :)

  3. Hello! I LOVE your blog! I have to say, I loved that "jump around" activity! However, I spent waaayyy too much time drawing and coloring with a Sharpie instead of spray painting like you. Great idea!

    I am a newbie to blogging too! I am nominating you for the Liebster Award! Please come over to my blog and check out the requirements! Congrats and welcome!