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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ice Cream Number Families

Summer is here!!  Woo-hoo!  I am hoping to take this time to update/post some of the things we have done over the year that I have been meaning to, but never actually got around to doing!  So, here is my first item that I am sharing in honor of summer: Ice cream number families:

These are super easy for the kids to make!  I just cut a bunch of 3"x 3" squares, and had the kids cut off the corners and "round" TLC style. (I didn't draw dotted lines for them - too much work!  I just did it here for example's sake!)  The cone I just drew on a paper that was 4" x 3".  I tried having the kids draw their own cone on the paper, but for whatever reason it was harder for them than I thought!  I had them glue it on a half sheet of 12x18 white paper.  When I tried it without the paper background, there was glue everywhere, the ice cream scoops overlapped so much you couldn't read their math problems, etc.

Then I made them pick a number between 5 and 20 (or you could have them roll a die) and take that many unifix cubes, and make them into a "train".  In this case, the student chose the number 12.  Then they break their train into 2 pieces.  Here, the student broke his into 7 and 5.  This is the math problem they write on the ice cream.  7+5=12.  Put your train back together, and break it a new way.  Ex: 2+10=12.

I think they turned out quite nice!  They kids really liked trying to figure out what flavor scoops of ice cream they were using - "I'm picking green because I like Mint,  I think the pink is bubblegum!" 

All this ice cream talk is making me want to scoop a bowl for myself!  Lol!  
Have a great summer!

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